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Flexible thin-film transistors application of amorphous tin oxide-based semiconductors



Author(s): Liu, XZ (Liu, Xianzhe); Ning, HL (Ning, Honglong); Zhang, X (Zhang, Xu); Deng, YX (Deng, Yuxi); Guo, D (Guo, Dong); Wang, YP (Wang, Yiping); Wang, XF (Wang, Xiaofeng); Yuan, WJ (Yuan, Weijian); Yao, RH (Yao, Rihui); Peng, JB (Peng, Junbiao)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION DISPLAY DOI: 10.1002/jsid.849 Early Access Date: NOV 2019

Abstract: The structural, optical, and electrical properties of Si-doped SnO2 (STO) films were investigated in terms of their potential applications for flexible electronic devices. All STO films were amorphous with an optical transmittance of similar to 90%. The optical band gap was widened as the Si content increased. The Hall mobility and carrier density were improved in the SnO2 with 1 wt% Si film, which was attributed to the formation of donor states. Si (1 wt%) doped SnO2 thin-film transistor exhibited a good device performance and good stability with a saturation mobility of 6.38 cm(2)/Vs, a large I-on/I-off of 1.44 x 10(7), and a SS value of 0.77 V/decade. The device mobility of a-STO TFTs at different bending radius maintained still at a high level. These results suggest that a-STO thin films are promising for fabricating flexible TFTs.

Accession Number: WOS:000497575100001

ISSN: 1071-0922

eISSN: 1938-3657

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